Vol 1 (2008)

Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction PDF
Twyla Gibson i-xiv
Addressing Media PDF
W.J.T. Mitchell 1-18
"Agents of Aggressive Order": Letters, Hands, and the Grasping Power of Teeth in the Early Canadian Torture Narrative PDF
Monique Tschofen 19-41
Is the Medium the Message in Psychoanalysis? PDF
Donald L. Carveth 42-56
Psychoanalysis, Symbolization, and McLuhan: Reading Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" PDF
Stuart J. Murray 57-70
Music, McLuhan, Modality: Musical Experience from "Extreme Occasion" to "Alchemy" PDF
Deanne Bogdan 71-101
"Flip-Side Overlap": The Medium is the Music PDF
Michael Edmunds 102-112
The Medium is the Sign: Was McLuhan a Semiotician? PDF
Marcel Danesi 113-126
Studying Media as Media: McLuhan and the Media Ecology Approach PDF
Lance Strate 127-142
Double Vision: McLuhan's Contributions to Media as an Interdisciplinary Approach to Communication, Culture, and Technology PDF
Twyla Gibson 143-166

ISSN: 1913-6005